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Health, Training and the World Around Us.

Here are links, collected over the years, to Health and Fitness articles that I've found useful. Here you'll find papers on training, diet, hydration and even drafting. Take a look, many you've seen, read or passed over and wondered "where is that email with that good article on carbs?" Well hopefully it's here. Many of these articles come from the mixed blessing which is, they send too many emails, but their newsletter is full of great training tips.
Heathly skating and good training.

The Special Ops Fitness Test
A Quirky Athletic Tape Gets Its Olympic Moment
Stealth Health: Healthy habits in small doses
A season of parts: Taking a mid-season break
Articels on Health Fitness & Safety
Can too much exercise make you sick?
Eating for endurance: What, when and why
Running (skating?) for weight loss? Prepare to be patient
Healing Road Rash
Danger of Low Carb Diets
Evidence mounts for carb-protein sports drink mix
What actually happens to our bodies when we get moving?
Is Atkins for runners? The truth about carbs and protein
Successful endurance athletes discuss their diets
Experts offer latest nutrition, exercise info
"New" Advice to Runners: Don't Drink the Water
Salt and the ultraendurance athlete
Hyponatremia and Exercise, Part 2 - Mechanisms

Trick Yourself Thin
Avoid the Training Race Trap
Periodization for the mind I: Breathing and relaxation
Periodization for the mind II: Positivity
Does gym work make you a stronger cyclist?
Vary your training intensity to achieve greater fitness
Workout guidelines can make that fitness routine more effective
Now I offer you this: 30 minute workout: is it enough?
Then you have this: Shorter workouts are a new trend in weight training
Why should I lift weights in the off-season?
Fartlek training can boost your speed, endurance
Workout guidelines can make that fitness routine more effective
Endurance sports: When goals take a back seat to process

Cooking & Eating
Juicing for Pre-workout
The 11 Best Foods You Arenít Eating
Home-made sport gel
Home-made sport drink

The World Around Us
Road cycling safety and etiquette. How to peacefully coexist on the road
AAA Study - Cities need to be built to accommodate Skating
The aerodynamics of drafting


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