A Tale of Two Elkharts

Let's start, for a change, at the beginning. What all racer/readers of these pages know is that these pages have never really started at the beginning. Here folks, is where every race begins. Let's just hope none of them end up here.

A Tale of Two Elkharts is the begnning of a great run of events running week after week from late May through June. The first Elkhart is the Great Race in Elkhart, IN., the second is Elkhart Lake, WI. and Road America, followed by Brainerd, Big Granite, and the Badger Games. Hope to see lots of you out skating.

Follow the links below the photo to see shots from the two Elkharts.

The Great Race Half Marathon, Elkhart, IN
May 29, 2006

Road America 20K & 13K, Elkhart Lake, WI
June 3, 2006

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