One "EL" of a Rave

Breaking in the Friday night skate season with a salute to part of what makes Chicago famous: the "EL"evated. A bit of a chilly night until we get under way, where Tom's smokin' route keeps us warm and happy.

A few early burbs.

The first of many smiling Kevin shots; Philip too.

Becky sans Pj's

Linda and Rosemarie, dressed just a bit too warm.

Ah that first speech of the year, "stop at all red lights please."

Well-l-l, do I know anyone
in this shot?
On the roll
Ah, the smiles of happy consumers. Makes you feel good doesn't Tom?

Meet me under the tracks, young lady.

Tom, goes over some history. . .

as we skate under it.

Almost summer. . .

but the sweaters are a dead giveaway

I need to know more names from this crew; sorry guys and gals

Judy and the bobarazzi

OK, I'm going to try here, Sonya & Jennifer? at Melvin's

The boys drink up as Philip checks the phone

My reaction to anyone who comments about typos on my web site; you should feel lucky it's here at all. By the way Ray, I hear you do a mean "Crocodile Rock", and thanks for the tips on the typos.

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