The Red Light Road Rave

June, 2002
Yes, just as it sounds, we skated to the sites of Chicago's most infamous bordellos. Many of the guys where looking for more sights then sites; sorry guys this was more of a history lesson. Did you know that the mirrored bedroom was created in Chicago? Well now you do.

The bearings were well lubed and the road surface was as smooth as a madam's oh never mind.

On this night the guys are wearing red.

Ravers in front of one of Chicago's gentlemen's' clubs. Define gentleman.

A gentleman friend of Jerome's.

Becky demonstrating the use of plastic devices.

Now let's see, how do I work an Italian Ice stop on Taylor Street into the bordello theme?

Christy our new ice blue skater.

Back on the streets. At least we're not walking the streets!

Tom laying out the history of the world's oldest profession and how it flourished in the windy city.

At least Raving is still flourishing.
Thanks to Jerome for supplying shots for this page.
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