Taste of Chicago Rave

July 6, 2001 - Welcome Detroit

Getting ready to rave. Skaters mill about looking for familiar faces as a troupe of skaters who traveled from Detroit to Chicago, to take in the flavors and the streets of Chicago, make introductions.
taste_01d.jpg Some new Chicago faces join with regular ravers. taste_02.jpg The dark plotting side of NSP. taste_02a.jpg Heidi discusses with the ravers that they shouldn't be concerned about... taste_03.jpg

Kevin's giant head!!
taste_05.jpg Barb, in for the races in Elgin, with husband Steve, the bike cop. taste_11.jpg
Susan appears to be driving the bobarazzi's helmet.
taste_12.jpg Turning onto Clinton taste_13.jpg Hold 'dem cars Chris.
taste_14.jpg First taste stop and Ro sums up the crowd's response to Al's Italian Beef; a Chicago original. taste_15.jpg Tom stops the group for a history lesson on ... taste_16.jpg
lamb on a stick.
taste_18.jpg Another Chicago original; how Greek town looks after a night of under age drinking. Yes I'm speaking from experience.
taste_19.jpg Mr. Detroit, held up by a red light. taste_20.jpg Regrouping taste_21.jpg Photo op taste_22.jpg Damn things are biting
Stop two, the ALL BEEF Chicago Style Hot Dog.
taste_24.jpg Lining up outside Weiner Circle to witness... taste_25.jpg woman biting dog. taste_25a.jpg Which way did that bad dog go?
Chris dancing in traffic again.
Stop three; the sign says it all.
Photo Op from inside the pack
taste_31.jpg Enough food already; where's the beer?
Chris goes ape shit over frozen margaritas.
Debbie, post birthday party
taste_35.jpg Tom getting ready to chow down taste_36.jpg
Post Uno's pizza at the Pier
Barb just can't believe that Kevin's head is back to normal size.
Thanks to our friends from Detroit, for coming down and being just as crazy as we Chicago Ravers. Thanks also to Tom G. for all his work planning a full weekend of skating.  

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