The B-Flies return to Chicago

No they’re not Asian Beetles, they’re not Lady Bugs, or even VW bugs, they’re B-Flies, a product of the creative (and quite possibly warped) minds of our friends at Maloney & Fox. Though a truly good promotion comes down to the energy and enthusiasm exhibited by the actors, the M&F folks gave us quite a lot to work with. Here the gals do their warm up routine before flying off to their assignments.

Day one Carl, Dave and Amy don the purple.

Jeff and Sonja also showing first day nervous smiles, “Do my wings look alright?”

Duval supervises the raising of the flag

Sonja goes down, but she’s still smiling

Bobarazzi B-Fly

The B and Erik Henrickson over margaritas

The B and the D over dinner

The two J’s all over each other

Day two;
Michigan Ave look out!

Innocent passers-by are made to sing for their MSN shirts. Hey wait, that’s Susan, a Wednesday night skater of long ago.

Photo Op

Amy attending her family reunion.

Would you believe an Opera singer from Miami sings an aria for MSN?

Speaking of arias

Chicago’s newest rapper with Dave and Amy

Oh that’s what those circular disks were for!

Day three and Carl gives way for Joanne

Hitting the lakefront in search of the next Ricky Martin

Duval looking good in the gang colors

Joanna chooses her volleyball players wisely

Club Bob at the beach

Helmet shot of the gang in motion

Photo Op

B-fly down, Amy tears a wing after being taken out by a bike

Day four begins with Jamie and her new best friend Gus, who whole heartily sang not one but three songs.

Jamie scores with the lifeguard/slacker set.

Would you take a stopping lesson from this butterfly?

Mary after a hot day on the lakefront.

Babs looking fresh but what is that smile hiding? Maybe the next tattoo will be a B-Fly!

The gals prepping for the big flap

A water break after the performance

And directing the shoot of course, the bobarazzi

Opps should I not have been doing the cones with wings on?
Thanks B-Flies, the checks are in the mail.