Two Sweats' Skates

Late Jun/Early July

Patty doing her Forster Grant thang.
sweats_02.jpg Tom trying on some Rollblade brand skates sweats_04.jpg
Steve puttin' his hips into it.
sweats_07.jpg Annie, Patty and Ro
Ro taking up position behind the Salomon logo helmet.
sweats_08a.jpg Turning by Diversy sweats_08b.jpg
Tom skating AND smiling
sweats_08c.jpg Mary. Phil and Chris
sweats_08d.jpg Phantom hand sweats_08e.jpg
Water stop; half of Patty
Rollerblade rep, wearing only wrist guards
Water by Hollywood
sweats_14c.jpg Marcel goes down
sweats_16.jpg Edgewater stop sweats_16a.jpg
Loyola rest stop
sweats_23.jpg Red light sweats_23a.jpg Kevin goes disco sweats_23b.jpg
Track practice
sweats_23c.jpg What's going on here?
sweats_25.jpg Beers at Mickeys sweats_25a.jpg
"Never eat anything bigger then your head!"
Heidi opts to block her arteries with a plate of sliders as Ann opts for the much healthier, albeit larger, turkey burger.
sweats_44.jpg Bobarazzi shoveling it in. Yum!