Surviving Eddy Matzer's Workshop--Chicago

June 9-11, 2000

Well here it is, one hell of a lot of work and 16 much better skaters for it. For 16 hours, in 90 degree, plus heat, 16 skaters tested their "stuff", meaning balance, strength, staying power and concentration. All in the quest of becoming better skaters.
This is their story and how they all made it back alive.

Eddy settles in at Heidi's to begin our briefing.
So far we're all smiles. It's all goodie bags and videos tonight.
eddy_03.jpg Kevin, Margo, Audrey and Paul in the background. (Pictured, the other Audrey.) eddy_04.jpg
Eddy pulls a lifelike head out of his bag of tricks.
eddy_06.jpg Balance, balance, even the stretching means learning balance. eddy_07.jpg Eddy seems ready to go while we're still waking up. eddy_08.jpg
OK that's more like it, skates off we get down.
eddy_10.jpg The whole weekend in a nutshell. (A totally unretouched photo.)
eddy_13.jpg After learning a few basics the women blast off the line... eddy_14.jpg
in the Slo Mo (Blue Whale) Race. Actually the slowest skater wins.
eddy_16.jpg The guys take to the Slo Mo a tad too fast. eddy_18.jpg How low can you go, on one skate. Eddy tapes as the bar gets lower and lower.
eddy_19.jpg Barb goes low. eddy_21.jpg Lunch time at Blues Fest, and the guy in the background is as stunned as we are at seeing Annie in a helmet. eddy_23.jpg
1.... 2....
eddy_26.jpg Jump from skate to skate, slap the ground... eddy_28.jpg and do it mirroring the skater across from you. Watch those triangles! eddy_30.jpg Now those faces are starting to look a bit drawn. eddy_31.jpg
All notes and demos are in chalk. Focus up ya' hear?
eddy_33.jpg Ah food again, more food, as NSP and the workshoppers mingle. eddy_34.jpg Sam leads skaters' grace as Annie eyes her plate. eddy_36.jpg
Jan's dogs are barkin'. Carmi's just glad to be sitting.
eddy_37.jpg Eddy and Jan obviously not doin' the slow hand, Barb looks on.
The Bobarazzi up close and personal.
eddy_44.jpg Day two, more chalk sessions. eddy_47.jpg
The tired faces start early, Dave, Barb, Rob, Margo but not so Ram Rod Sam.
The Bobarazzi showing off the K.B.A. that won him first place.
Annie called safely in from the rain.
eddy_55.jpg Kevin the shark having an early tuna lunch. eddy_56.jpg
Munch, munch, munch.
The strangest relay races all weekend.
Bigfoot Dave, gracefully powers his way back into the mist.
No blues here, we're chowin' down on turkey legs at the Fest.
Barb, the latest convert to the FLBR SECT.
Oh, it's not a religion, it's a way of life.
eddy_66.jpg From a dead stop, the Terminator carves this whole caulk path balanced on one skate. eddy_68.jpg Eddy tapes Dave's up hill double push. eddy_70.jpg Paul in his tuck, ready for the glide race, a very welcome restful competition. eddy_71.jpg Talking racing tactics. I only wish you could have seen Annie and Chad smoke Sam. Sam was quite the actor.
I don't know why this is here. I had one ticket left over.

Wow, what a weekend. The Eddy Matzger Workshop can be reached by phone at