Great EsSkate, South Beach, 2002

Yo, this is a shout out to all my peeps back in Chicago, to the clueless and drab weekend skaters. Get with it homeboys - you gals too. Get your bad selves down to Florida or out to Philly for one of these crushing good times. It'll chase the blues away. I'm willing to testify, lordy am I willing to testify.

The weekend couldn't have started out on a more ominous note; yes that first photo is of my room number.

Move on to Saturday, or Saturday Night & Sunday

What trauma lies within this room - besides smelly skate liners?

Teri, Becky, Phil (note the color of the grass.)

Kevin striking his pose for the weekend.

Mardi Gras in South Beach

Tom, Heidi and the Bobarazzi linking up after a bit of Chicago winter separation

NSP listens as...

the Mayor welcomes us skaters? It's true someone welcomes skaters!!

Part of our weekend long police escort

The colors were hand carried all weekend long.

What's a weekend without Bev, but hey she's not working.

The lead van...

pulling the lead gals.

Dinner at the Seville and a 5 foot sand castle sculpted in our honor

Bobarazzi as Flamingo boy

Preping for the Urban Assault, late night wind tunnel.

OK, OK, it takes all kinds, we'll call this one "Spike"

Night lights on Miami's bridges

Look close up top on the scupture.

Hey gals, nice ride

What's this? Sam and the gangsta babes?

Dave Parcells, captures the bobarazzi's journalist instincts in action. (I smell a... good storyline here, yeah that's it a good storyline.)

The bobarazzi riding down the boulevard, top down and wait; Sam where's your hand?

Bev and one really big head.

Move on to Saturday, or Saturday Night & Sunday