Philly Freedom Skate 2000 - Saturday Day

Friday Saturday Night Sunday into Monday

phil_23.jpg Now that's confidence phil_25.jpg Joel shows up in a shot phil_26.jpg Up a small Philly hill phil_27.jpg
A feel for the group
phil_29.jpg Cop stop Phil_33a.JPG Terri and Ben phil_34.jpg Skaters thinking food phil_37.jpg Skaters and their hot feet
phil_38.jpg Becky, Bob and Grapes phil_39.jpg Less Grapes phil_40.jpg The entire Chicago Group phil_41.jpg
Thanks guy, we each had a camera. You took a shot of us on each one
phil_43.jpg The talent portion of the show Phil_43a.jpg Red shirts phil_44.jpg
More talent
Through the Philly parks…
and neighborhoods
phil_48.jpg Pool Party