2001 Freedom Skate - A Skate Odyssey. . .

or more aptly, a skate Oddity

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Did you know that Marvin the Martian was from Pittsburgh?
The weekend's pin up boy
The Disco/Luau couple
The Hambugler; yes, I stand corrected, these folks are not from Pittsburgh, they are crazies from the Motor City.
Philly01_04a.jpg The assembled mass of skaters descends on Philly. Philly01_04b.jpg Sometimes only a motion shot can convey motion philly01_06.jpg
No stop signs here, we blast right through Philly's museum campus.
Fashion fatigues
philly01_10.jpg Skating up the parking lot ramp!! What goes up must come down. philly01_12.jpg
Back on the street again.
Heading down into the subway tunnels.
Annie looking in control on the slick concrete.
philly01_17.jpg Terry and Ross at the dinner stop philly01_19.jpg
Skate patrol makes it all possible
philly01_20.jpg Giving guys a reason to live. After the dinner the less stuffed went out for a second skate. Many others however were spotted at the hotel bar behind the salted rims of their margaritas.
Saturday morning...
and the optimist in all of us says, "No way will it rain." The Chicagoans pose for a picture.
Terry taking off from the hotel parking lot.
philly01_25.jpg See the brakes being applied; there are actual inclines in Philly - hills they call them.
Philly01_25a.jpg Phil captures the bobarazzi en-route Philly01_25b.jpg
Annie up close and personal
Phil's first traffic stop as a part of NSP.
A welcome down hill after a big push up into Fairmont Park.
philly01_29.jpg One of the few times skater traffic was stopped for autos and you can see how happy they are to be skating again. Once into the park, a multitude of Volunteers had burgers and hotdogs on the grill, salads, veggie burgers, fruit drinks and strawberry shortcake as a finale. The raffle saw folks walk off with six or more new pairs of skates and other gear. And we had plenty of time to forget about the possibility of rain - until the thunder started. One or two busses weren't going to cut it for 600 skaters so we booted up and headed back. We managed to get down the big hills before the downpours hit; sheets of sideways blowing rain tends to sting the eyes a bit, even when you wear glasses. The call could be heard, "Thunder Up!" answered by "Lighting Back!!" philly01_30.jpg
After the storm blew though the camera could come back out. Yes we're heading uphill on wet streets.
philly01_34.jpg Capt. Jack, Annie and Tom happy to have made it back to the hotel. philly01_35.jpg
Once we've dried off it's time to dry the bearings. Phil gets cozy on the floor.
Pretty, plus she's mechanical!!
Thanks to Philadelphia's Landskaters, the Philadephia police department, and National Skate Patrol for putting so much time and energy into making this party such a huge success.

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