Philly Freedom Skate 2000 - Sunday

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Capt' Mike shows up in another shot
phil_64.jpg The dog and Terrri Phil_65a.JPG Those guys are still here phil_65b.jpg Terri and one of them
Pool party with a twist
phil_66a.jpg Philly fountains phil_66b.JPG Dido phil_68.jpg Deb makes a hero's return
phil_72.jpg Gwen thinks she's going home Phil_72a.JPG Margaritas and cell phones Phil_72b.JPG
Joel's dark side
Phil_72c.JPG Pick a slice any slice
phil_75.jpg Monday morning stretches, yes Monday and we're still in Philly phil_76.jpg That, I've-been-in-the-airport-too-long look. phil_73.jpg
That, "Now we're going to kill that shuttle bus diver look." (This is the last time we saw Gwen, did she ever get home?)