Great EsSkate, South Beach, 2002

Hard to believe that the rained-on, humid, sweaty hordes coming back to the Seville in the late afternoon could turn out to be such swank night clubbers. The evening started out for many of us with drinks in our rooms, drinks at the hotel bar, drinks at dinner, then... (surprise) drinks at Levels for two hours before the dance floor opened. We were then able to work off those few extra calories, but be afraid all you skaters, the morning is fast approaching.

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Gwen and - wait it's Gwen, I haven't seen Gwen all weekend!!

If I'm really good the dominatrix promises to show me her whip.

Vivian on a roll.

Oh yeah, get down.

Our one woman cheering section showing some style.

Our organizers put off organizing for a while...

though Francesco seems to still be planning.

Ah, just a bit early for Valentine's Day but not by much

Hey, Heidi and Kevin, get a room.

Light dancing on the floor at Levels

Emily and the bobarazzi

Steve with one big red ball

Late night carousing

Booty shot

Yes the sun does rise the next morning and many of us are up and out of our beds, not all of us, but those that are up are going to have very much fun. Sunday turns out to be the sunniest of the weekend days and I have to thank the gals for the weather appropriate attire. (If there's anything I can do in return please let me know.)

I cannot believe I'm up early enough to be here before the skate begins.

How is it Mike, Sally and Judy look so chipper?

Vivian, Teri and Linda ready to rock.

One small segment of the Chicago clan

Skating with Carl

There's Tom, on NSP duty

Look close there's Sam

Skating with Emily, glad to see you're up and looking sober.

Judy looking professional

Love this architecture...

and the scenery

Francyne from?
(I'm now told from Philly)

Rebecca and Carl

Rebecca as she's never been photographed before; from below.

One fast dude

Philip looking VERY serious

AH, our Toronto skater has a face to go with that road rose.

Hot stop on Sunday

Humid? Yes it's humid, but beautiful out.

Flowers in February, you have to love it.

Randy scandalizing the upper class neighborhoods

OK, I'm speechless

Saying goodbye to South Beach can't be accomplished without at least stepping into the ocean.

And I thought the fun was over when we left the art fair. Here a few Detroiters make sure they don't dehydrate on the way back to the Seville.

Thank you SOBE Skaters for the great event, for those of you who haven't been before, check out their web site and plan early to make it next year. Even as mild as it's been what a great break this is from Chicago's winter. See you next year everyone.

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