Great EsSkate, South Beach, 2002

Can you believe that after a great dinner and many drinks, then the Urban Assault wind tunnel experiment, an NSP late night party and a bit more debauchery that we're up and ready to skate in the morning? Of course, why else are we here!! The day starts out sunny and bright, later to turn rainy, though as you'll see, the moon will come out -- several moons to be exact. Read on.

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One serious skater, has bribed the bobarazzi with her considerable charms to have her photo removed from this page.

Becky feeling great before one very long day (and night)

Yuk!! Red Bull really sucks!!

The colors fly freely again today.

Is that all Vivian had to show to get her beads? Sunday night will tell!!

Slick skaters

"Chicago Sol" shows up in South Beach

Deb and Mike (in helmets no less)

Well now you know what I had to show to get my beads. Yes, I have the nerve to publish unflattering pictures of myself (It's the only way I keep most of you from killing me.)

Serious photographer

Ahh Miami, gateway to the big boats

One woman cheering section, Patricia

Philly gal in Florida

The old and the stiff (thanks Phil)

Always time to add a few miles to a skate by going in circles

Heidi and Kevin, not in that order

Bobarazzi on the move

Batman's flame throwing skates

Typical Florida skating


A Toronto skater showing her pre-Valentine's Day rose

A scenic downhill,
man-made but a hill non-the-less.

Kevin, Heidi and the smuggler

One bridge coming up

Click on this one to read it

Kevin skips out on the rain skate

Is that Kevin saluting the flag?

The troupes line up to take the bridge

Wet pavement and all...

this group is ready to go.

Lining up for the assault

Plenty of content in this photo

Dancers vying for the price...

in front of an admiring group

Girl power

Chicago's Orange Power

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